Prime POS

General Information

Nowadays, credit cards and debit cards have replaced cash, providing customers with greater convenience in shopping.  With the Prime Pos device you can pay for goods and services with your CapitalBank Primecard.


  • All local and international Bank (Debit) cards SINGLE PAYMENT,
  • All local and international Bank Credit Cards SINGLE PAYMENT,
  • CapitalBank Prime Credit Cards and Ziraat Bank Credit Cards Single or in installments,
  • For Prime Credit Cards and Ziraat Bank Credit Cards you can effect payments by acquiring bonuses.
  • All Prime Pos ,credit card machines have contactless payment feature .
  • Discover the ease of speed with contactless feature

What Is Contactless Payment?

Contactless payment feature enables you to pay for up to 50 TL of shopping without entering your pin. Just show your card to the machine.

Thanks to the Pos Contactless payment feature enabling payments in seconds without waiting in queues.

With the ‘Contactless Card Reader’ you can benefit from the advantages of contactless payment technology.

Contactless payment transactions;

  • The card is not inserted into the POS device
  • Pin entry is not required
  • Signature is not required
  • For practical and secure payment apply for a Prime POS device!  All contactless card payments are done quickly and smoothly, shortening payment process and decreasing your work load.
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