Home Insurance Package

Our home is the happiest place in our life.  To secure our home is to secure our happiness.

With our Home Insurance Package you can secure your home, valuable items, ones that you share your home even your guests against probable risks that may arise.


  • Fire- Lightening- Explosion
  • Building
  • Contents
  • Valuable Items
  • Landscaping
  • Swimming Pool
  • Machine
  • Earthquake
  • Strike-Lockout-confusion-civil commotions
  • Malicious Acts
  • Sabbotage + Terror
  • Flood/Flooding
  • Internal Water
  • Storm
  • Air vehicle’s Crash
  • Land Vehicle’s Crash
  • Smoke
  • Ground Drift
  • Debris Lifting
  • Theft
  • Glass Break
  • Marine Vehice’s Crash
  • Financial Liability Due To Fire
    • Tenant’s Responsibility against the owner
    • Owner’s Liability against the tenant
    • Neighbourhood Liability between the owner and the tenant

Loss Of Rent

As a result of loss of rent, maximum 1,000 TL is paid for a period of 6 months for compensating rental loss.

Family Liability

In case of a 3rd party death, injury, deterioration of health, property damage affecting family members (including those under guardianship and adoption) due to an accident, parties are all compensated with respect to the limit specified on the insurance policy obliged by the TRNC’s laws and compliances on unfair acts and general insurance provisions on financial rights of 3rd parties.

  • Electronic Device
  • Machine Breakage
  • Personal Accident

According to the personal Accident Insurance Coverage in case there is a death or permanent disability, compensation amount of 10,000 TL per person or 30,000 TL per event is paid.

Emergency Health

5,000 TL Emergency Health Care is paid to the people affected at the insuree’s residence address.