Electronic Device Insurance

  • Provides coverage guarantee of electronical devices and equipment in the insured address and gender, quantity, production year, quality and insurance values of electronic devices and equipment in the policy and provides coverage to loss, damages, repair and replacement of material,
  • Carelessness of personel or third party, defects, faults or sabotage,
  • Theft or attempted theft, faulty design of materials in location of insured assets,
  • Short circuit, the effects of high or low voltage (coverage for damage caused electrical reasons: providing regulatory system is present).
  • Fire, lightning and all types of explosions and putting out fire, demolition and recovery actions,
  • Blast, tarnishing, smoke and soot,
  • Natural disasters apart from earthquake such as; storm, flood, landslide, land subsidence,
  • Damages arising from water and damp (rust),
  • Other non-exceptional forms.