Salary Loan

General Information

Direct your salary to CapitalBank and benefit from our interest rates and payment options !

  • 144 monthly payment option,
  • Interest rates for TL starts from 0,62% and 1,24% for FX per month,
  • Fast Approval

How Can I Apply?

Documents Required For Application?

  • If you do not have an account at CapitalBank your ID/passport/proof of address or utility bill is required
  • Income (pay) slip/similar document is required
  • Additional documents and guarantees may be required.


You can calculate by entering monthly installment.

Loan Category

{{saveditem.kvade}} month

{{saveditem.ktutar}} {{saveditem.doviz}}

{{saveditem.ktaksit}} {{saveditem.doviz}}


To calculate insurance premiums, credit usage fees and other charges are not included. Payment amount, interest rate, will be charged fees and commissions for EU loan amount, customer profile and will vary according to our campaign, you can get detailed information about our branches