Current TL Account

Current Account – to perform day-to-day banking transactions i.e. withdrawing cash  effect payments and  transfer funds.

Through Capitalbank’s  ATM carry out Current Account transactions such as  withdrawing cash or  transfering  funds between internal accounts.

General Informationn

  • You can accumulate your TL savings in your current account, withdraw cash or deposit cash without waiting for any due date.
  • By linking your CapitalBank Prime Cash Card to your current account you can continue your shopping.
  • You can set up a direct debit with us to pay your bills regularly.
  • Loan installments or credit card payments can be paid automatically via your current account.
  • EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer (TL) and Electronic Money Transfers can be carried out via current account.
  • With the CapitalBank Prime Cash Card you can access your account 24/7 from all our ATMs and Ziraat Bank ATMs as free of charge.
  • You can obtain account information or perform transactions via our Internet Branch or any of our other alternative distribution channels.

If you are a contracted firm employee, Social Insurance pensioner or a Civil Servant you can ensure your salary or pension’s due automatically into your account.

  • A cheque book can also be issued for this account.
  • If you are a corporate customer, you can link your POS (credit card machine ) transactions to this account.

How Do I Open A Fixed Deposit Account?

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  • Internet Banking