Credit Payments Accepted


Credit payment is a method of payment for exports after shipment of goods by the exporter based on an agreement between the importer and terms stated on the policy on a specified date after shipping of goods

Payment of the policy agreement prepared by the exporter and agreed by the importer can be guaranteed by a bank through issuing of a bill in exchange.

How does it work?

  • After the exporter ships the goods and produces the bill of lading documents together along with instructions to CapitalBank.
  • CapitalBank sends the documents to the importers bank (the collecting bank).
  • The exporters bank presents policy to the importers bank for acceptance, if requested the bills are attached together with the policy and the documentation is delivered to the importer.
  • The importer makes the payment according to the terms on the policy.


  • Do not examine the shipping documents
  • Do not have the obligation to pay unless documents are guaranteed
  • Act independently.


  • Low cost –
  • Simple and easier method .
  • The exporter can request a bank guarantee.


  • If there is no bank guarantee , payment may not be effected.