Transportation Of Goods Insurance

Provides guarantee of goods being loaded from one place to another against damage and hazards that can be encountered during transportation via land, sea, air and rail.

Insurance is done with respect to any transportation.

  1. Insured is obliged to report each time;
  2. Content of goods
  3. Amount (Kg.quantity)
  4. Amount
  5. Type of packaging
  6. Where goods will be loaded to and from
  7. The way/method of transportation

Transportation Of Goods Insurance Types

Extensive Coverages

Guarantees all damages that may arise during transportation. including loading, unloading and partial damages… etc. Damages arising from delay, defects in goods are not considered.

Limited Coverage Guarantee

Coverage for risks incurred due to loading or carrying vehicle(s) during transportation.

Eg.: Lorry accident, falling of aircraft, sinking of ship.

Theft of goods, soaking of goods and decreasing of goods are not under coverage.

Total Loss

This insurance secures total loss of goods during transportation.

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