Announcement From Capital Group Board Of Dırectors

After the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers against the Corona Virus threat, Capital Group Board of Directors reunited under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board Tekin Arhun and decided to implement the “Emergency Action Plan” they prepared. In line with these decisions, Tekin Arhun explained the new measures implemented in institutions affiliated with Capital Group as follows.


  • Capitalbank, serving with a total of 19 branches across the island, will shut down Alsancak, Karakum, Nicosia Sanayi and Ortaköy Branches among the dates determined by the Council of Ministers.
  • Among these dates,

Alsancak Branch customers will be able to get services from Karaoğlanoğlu Branch

Karakum Branch customers will be able to get services from Çatalköy Branch

Nicosia Sanayi Branch customers will be able to get services from Taşkınköy Branch, and

Ortaköy Branch customers will be able to get services from Nicosia Central Branch.

  • Capitalbank branches, which will continue to serve, will be open from 08.00 to 12.00 in the morning.
  • Again, between the dates determined by the Council of Ministers, personnel will be minimized in all Capitalbank Branches and Headquarters Offices to ensure continuity of services.
  • In addition to the decision not to charge any commission or expense in EÖS transactions made via the Internet Branch or Mobile Branch, Capitalbank decided to provide an online service to its customers who do not have password for digital channels, outside the working hours.


1- As Capital Insurance, we will support our customer’s via online or “on call” from our Mobile Branch, which we have created to fulfill our responsibilities in case of emergencies that may arise in this period, without opening our offices or workplaces.

2- In case of traffic accident, fire, theft, flood, storm and similar cases, our customers will be able to get the support they need by reaching our Emergency Support Line 0533 824 44 00.

3- Our customers will be able to renew their policies that will expire, by calling 0533 820 98 00. In case of any traffic control, we would like to remind our customers that if the insured person does not have a policy with him, the police in charge can make Traffic Insurance control though the “Insurance Information Center”.

4-All of our tow trucks will be at the service of our customers and our people among the dates determined by the Council of Ministers. Those who need tow truck service should call 0533 824 44 00 Emergency Hotline.



Trust Capital Reinsurance Company will continue to provide online support to insurance companies in this period, if they need capacity.



The service will not be provided on the dates specified in Nissan Plaza and Capital Auto.



All infrastructure and superstructure activities have been stopped.



Starling Supermarkets chain operating in Kyrenia Region will continue to serve full time in accordance with the decisions of the Council of Ministers.