Strategic Target

  • In responds to Our  Activities

To have continuous sustainable return on strong foundations, as of 2020 our target is  to be within the top 5 banks in the sector and be positioned against potential macro economic shocks with the strong capital structure, high asset quality and provisioning policies.

  • For  Our Organisation

To effect infrastructure service productivity in all segments of banking, retail, corporate, commercial, branchless, digital, transaction banking…etc

Our target is to be an essential bank with technological infrastructure and be provider of  prompt services with skilled human resources, quality , standards and financial culture.

  • For Our Customers

To ensure our customers faith in high quality and fast awareness in all segments of banking;

To provide our customers with the most rapid use of advantageous and opportunities provided for the market in responds to  the credibility of our bank.


  • For Our Staff

To be an institution that works with high satisfaction and loyalty by making each employee to  proud to be a part of the team;

To ensure employees have chosen the right institution, to feel that they are valued, rewarded, appreciated and they can improve themselves and reach their career goals.

  • For Our Society

To undertake corporate and social responsibility projects to increase the welfare of the society and meet their needs.