About Us

CapitalBank prioritises quality of  service for customer satisfaction.  It’s target  is to enrich  services to customers by expanding it’s  network of branches.

CapitalBank  prides itself on customer service quality,  gives great importance to ensure these standards implemented by its personel.  These service standards are applied through advanced training programs.

To be able to respond to our customers  needs we develop new products, constantly examine market conditions and measure the risks that may occur in the market as well as  companies and individuals.As a result of these assessments, we create and offer demanded individual and commercial banking products.

Expats can receive customer services from our English and Russian speaking customer service representatives and complete their transactions productively and efficiently at the branches.

CapitalBank customers are able to transfer money to overseas

CapitalBank from yesterday to today

Receiving its licence on 11th July 2012 CapitalBank was officially introduced to the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus banking sector with the approval of the TRNC Council of Ministers on 26/09/2012 under the name of Kapitalbank Ltd, in the light of the policy of our mission and vision dissociating from other competitors in such a short time, we strive in continuing to progress and develop as an institution.

Based on strong foundations, we continue with sustainable growth. We are proud to be the fastest growing bank in such a short time and showing difference in the sector by financing small businesses,  tradesmen, local businesses and other investors.

Kıbrıs Kapitalbank Ltd that wants to advance in terms of Personal Banking signed an agreement with TC Ziraat Bankası A.Ş., created its own brand ´Prime´ Card and entered the largest pos and ATM network in 2015.

Our bank-Kıbrıs Kapitalbank Ltd is the  Rising star of our economy and has been ahead of its competitors with its growth rate 2 times above the average growth rate of the sector as of 2018 and has achieved the first Bank title with 53% active growth rate. As of 2018, the total assets exceeding 1,648 million  TL and with its 18 branches spread across our country, it has continued to take firm steps towards becoming the most prestigious and most powerful financial institution. By opening another branch in the first quarter of 2019, it has increased the number of branches to 19 and aims to increase the number of branches to 20 in 2019.

The factors such as the capital structure, the strength of the capitalist, the team and the quality of the people are undoubtedly the most important factors in the success of a bank. As Kıbrıs Kapitalbank Ltd, our biggest advantage is that we have a young, dynamic, ambitious, success-oriented team besides the power and support of our capitalist.

We focus on a fast and efficient way of providing services by continuously updating our service procedures in understanding , become stronger with our human resources and latest technological investments .  We are proud and happy to consistently contribute to the financing of the economy and provide employment opportunities for young bankers.

Our Vision

To become customers first preferred bank in its geographic region with world-class solution-oriented service concept.

Our Mission

  • To be the most preferred bank in service delivery in all targeted sectors and customer groups.
  • To provide reliable and quality service to our customers with our qualified employees, extensive branch network and other service channels.
  • To abide by our high business ethic principles,
  • To act with an effective approach of risk management,
  • To be a preferred employer and to provide and encourage personal and professional training program opportunities to our employees,
  • To spread our customer-focused approach across to all our employees,
  • To support and encourage loyalty, responsibility and creativity.
  • In brief, to be the leading bank in response to the happiness of partners, their benefits, employees and economic value.

Working Principles

  • To present excellence to customers
  • Being firmly committed to the principles of honesty,
  • Holding banking discipline strongly,
  • Suppport creativity,
  • Be aware of  social obligations and our responsibilities

Our Strategy

To achieve our vision and objectives in being the ‘closest bank to the customer on the basis of sustainable growth and profitable bank.